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Boxers are not borned...they are formed!!
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Universal Boxing Academy has a history behind it self and its today’s stand.

In 2002 it all started when Mr.Rajesh was a assistant coach in Mahavir Stadium,Hisar(Haryana).Yes he was a coach for only training and of hard work but all credits and acheivments was won by Senior coaches above him.As he saw and realised that all his hard work out was going on forwarded in the form of credits to others he felt down.Thats why he decided to leave Mahavir Stadium.
There comes the turning point in the story as well as it lead to born of UNIVERSAL BOXING ACADEMY!
In 2003 Mr.Rajesh met Mr.T.C.Kundu(Former president of Jaat Sanstha,Hisar).Mr.Rajesh requested him to alot some place for training of boxers(students).So that he can teach some of the talented boxers.Then according to his request Mr.Rajesh was aloted a place in C.R. B.ed. College Campus(Hisar,Haryana).
Smt.Nirmala Devi(Principal of C.R. Law College,Hisar),Mr.Surender Lamba(President Of District Boxing Association,Hisar) and Mr.Sunil Lamba(President of Jaat Sanstha) also supported UBA alot.

Even some of the large tournaments have been organised in UBA,i.e. 44th and 45th Senior Men’s Haryana State Boxing Championship and 12th Senior Women’s Haryana State Boxing Championship.In which all facilities of food and living etc. were provided by academy itself,which leaded to an overall budget of 6Lakhs per tournament.
We are a Haryana and Central Govt. approved regitered NGO-we are a regitered NGO, having 80G approved from incometax department as many of the boxers mainly belongs to poor families to save there careers as well as to boost and trai them they have to be provided Financial as well as moral support for which Mr.Rajesh took initiative and now that initiative is here in front of you as UNIVERSAL BOXING ACADEMY.

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